Aug. 31st, 2010

Lara made me do it, because apparently I post so infrequently she forgot I'm here.

Select the character of mine that most appropriately answers each question, in your opinion. You can say why if you wish, but since there are 15, you don't have to do that either. (You also don't have to answer each question, or you can add more, depending on your mood/what you think of as you're writing.)

1.) Favorite?
2.) Funniest?
3.) Meanest?
4.) Craziest?
5.) Best outlook?
6.) Worst outlook?
7.) Most normal?
8.) Least normal?
9.) Character who makes you happy?
10.) Character who makes you sad?
11.) Character that you think is most like me?
12.) Character that you think is least like me?
13.) OTP? (Involving a character that is 1/2 mine. Friendship, romantic, enemyship, frienemies. Whatever.)
14.) A character of mine you would like to interact more with a character of yours?
15.) Favorite characters of yours and mine that already interact?